My Anchor

I’ve been reading a broad spectrum of writers and philosophy lately.  I like the diversity of thought and am challenged by the new ideas.  However, I realized recently that I’ve allowed myself to be distracted somewhat by these sources.  I’ve strayed from what a Methodist Minister once described to me as the ‘bull’s eye of my faith:  Jesus.  Among my recent readings has been a priceless work entitled Falling Upward by Franciscan Priest, Richard Rohr.   Here’s how he addressed the bulls eye:

If I dared to present all these ideas simply as my ideas, or because they match modern psychology or old mythology, I would be dishonest.  Jesus, for me, always clinches the deal and I sometimes wonder why I did not listen to him in the first place.

So, I just wanted to get that ‘out there’ in case you wonder about my heart.  It’s with Jesus, now and always.  My writing will not always or even frequently reference this in such a direct way but it’s important to me that you know where I’m coming from.  Since Jesus always ‘clinches the deal,’ when it comes to STOPPING (even and especially for ‘the least of these’), NOTICING (even and especially the sick and unlovely) and goes ‘ALL-IN’ (even when that meant going to the Cross), I will listen to Him first and forever!  By the way, he PLAYED, too!


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