Prune and Park

Idea #3: There’s a lot about life that is beautiful: nature; people; architecture; work; play.  Regaining control isn’t about excluding things.  It’s more about being conscious and intentional about how much beauty we can enjoy at any one time.  Marigolds are beautiful and they provide a wonderful accent to landscapes.  Left untended, however, they’ll take over!  Just like the necessity of periodically pruning marigolds back, for me to effectively manage my busy-ness, I have to make sure my commitments don’t cause me to overextend and, thus, take over my life.  So, keep your life’s landscape beautiful by pruning the activity vines regularly.

Idea #’s 4&5: Everyone I know wants to find the closest parking place and get in the shortest line.  This isn’t a “Type-A” phenomenon.  It’s human nature.  I offer these ideas, though, especially for the Type-A’s amongst us. Park farther away and get in the longest checkout line.  Doing these two things consistently is guaranteed to improve the quality of your life and actually save time.  Your life is better because you’ve just eliminated two of the sources of DAILY frustration.  When you park farther away, there are many more choices, making parking easier and faster. As an added bonus, you’ll get a little more exercise and avoid the competition for that ‘perfect’ spot!

When you get in the longest checkout line with the expectation that it will take longer to get through, you won’t be obsessing over that person who is actually writing a check (!?) for the purchase!   Adopting these practices will slow you down, metaphorically, but will not actually delay you by more than 1 minute and 25 seconds per event (I made that up but I’ll bet I’m not too far off!)

Three more ideas for regaining control:

  • Prune the activity vine
  • Park farther away
  • Get in the longest Line

Let me know how these work for you, OK?

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