Treadmills and Other Things

When we refer to life as a Treadmill it’s usually considered negative. It connotes routine, endless and repetitive.  I propose an alternative, while acknowledging generally the concept.

Isn’t everything that we do in this present, mortal state, circuitous?  Staying with the exercise/activity theme…golf always end up at the clubhouse; a hike begins at a trailhead and often  ends in the same place regardless of how far you go; basketball requires running back and forth along a 94ft long court and soccer is the same thing, except on a 100 yard field (with very few points scored for all of the effort!).

But the benefits of these and all forms of exercise are many. Some benefits are obvious like improving one’s health, having fun, and enjoying the satisfaction that comes as a result.  Additionally, I contend that exercise is a form of stopping and can be used to regain control.  For example, yesterday while swimming, I progressed from trying to get a Garth Brooks song out of my head (“If Tomorrow Never Comes”) to thinking of my Wife and Son enjoying worship together in NYC to an even clearer mind that allowed me to think creatively about a project I’m putting together at work.  One hour, 4000 yards swimming in a 25 yard pool.  If you do the math, that’s 160 laps (159 flip-turns!) during which, I was able to clear my head enough to reflect on blessings in my life as well as plan for the coming week.

Oh, and one more thing that came to me during my pool time:  The content of this blog. That’s a lot to happen while on the proverbial treadmill!  So, regain control doing whatever form of back and forth, circuitous, seemingly non-productive activity that you enjoy.

And, as always, let me know how it works out for you!

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